Pig Iron Bar-B-Q is a down home barbecue joint located South of downtown Seattle. A visit to the Pig Iron immediately surrounds you with the aroma of real slow smoked meats and simmering kettles of greens and smokey beans. Belly up to a table by the window or a booth in the back and sip on a wide selection of ice cold beer or mason jars filled with housemade sweet tea or fresh squeezed cherry limeade. Order from an overwhelming selection of fall apart meats, choice southern side dishes, and damn good sauces. Cozy colors, vintage and southern style décor combined with a passion for hot rods and motorcycles give the Pig Iron its own distinctive feel. If you still have room while listening to a wide collection of music ranging from Johnny Cash to the Black Keys, then unbuckle and dig in to our mouth-watering housemade Peach or Blueberry Cobbler. COME AND GIT IT!



Contact us to book a table for any occasion. We accept reservations!


5602 1st Ave S.

Seattle WA 98108

E  /  pigironseattle@gmail.com

​T  /  206-768-1009


Monday - Saturday

11am - 4pm

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